Welcome to Beautiful by Breakfast.

My name is Joanna and I am the blemished beauty blogger.


I have started this blog with the hope to comfort and inspire others who have insecurities about their skin; after personally suffering with acne for thirteen years.


I began my career as a spa therapist in East Sussex, England. When I was nineteen I moved to London to work at The Mandarin Oriental in Knightsbridge.

After a few years there I qualified as a teacher, leaving spa to teach Beauty to students at South Thames College and London College of Beauty Therapy.

Missing the spa environment, I joined the team at body and skincare brand, Aromatherapy Associates where I travelled to luxury spas all over the world teaching their philosophy and treatments.

After three years of travel I decided to stay in one place for a while and became the spa manager for Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island.

Working in an industry where you are expected to look beautiful has had it’s challenges. But it has also given me the opportunity to share my knowledge and help others who have problems with their skin.


Join me on my skin clearing mission while I trial treatments, skincare, food and makeup to find the best results for healing and concealing acne.


YOU ARE NOT ALONE. If you are struggling with acne, click here to join my private support group – Blemished & Beautiful.

Here are a few comments from some of the lovely members:

         Coming across your group has filled me with so much confidence that I am not alone in my struggle with clearing my acne. Joanna has given so much of herself and her knowledge that I feel I’m becoming my own skin expert.

-Kate Hunt

        Joanna made me realise blemishes are beautiful. I never saw myself without them and have been considered as beautiful by my entourage anyway, even though I’m looking for shiny HD skin. It was the first time I saw the words ‘beauty’ and ‘blemished’ put together. She reconciles the photoshopped world with our natural looks. Thank you Joanna!

-Najet Addi

        I always say ‘my beauty is not defined by what is on my face’ and ‘who I am has nothing to do with how I look’. I have to remind myself daily that my worth as a person is not related to whatever is going on with my skin.

-Brittany Gravitt