Virtual Skincare Consultations with Beautiful by Breakfast

You may know me for my acne positivity page on Instagram but before becoming Beautiful by Breakfast full-time I worked as an esthetician for thirteen years. My passion has always been in skincare; ever since I first started breaking out as a teenager! You might be wondering why I struggled with acne for so long if I was a trained skincare professional… Well, like you I was overwhelmed by all the contradicting advice out there! And for a long time, I only felt comfortable using skincare that I’d been professionally trained in. This, combined with the added pressure to look ‘beautiful’ at work everyday, prevented me from making progress with my skin for a long time.


After a long struggle with acne, I know how debilitating it can be. I’m here to show you that you “haven’t tried everything” and that there IS ALWAYS hope!

As this is an online skincare consultation, you don’t have to worry about leaving the house barefaced to attend your appointment; you can speak to me from your safe place FREE from judgment.

Another perk to an online consultation is that you don’t need to set aside travel time or incur extra costs in fuel, tickets or parking. You can save your hard earned cash and put it towards your new skincare regime!

Your skin is unique, so your skincare routine should be too! But spas and salons are limited to what they can recommend you based on what brands they carry AND what they have in stock to sell you. I’ve chosen to remain unaffiliated with skincare brands, which means any links I provide are for your convenience only. I do not make commission on what you buy.

If you purchase your skincare online or from a store, your customer service usually ends after you pay or leave the shop. With the Personalised Skincare Plan you will get thirty days of email support included, so that you can contact me with any questions you have about your new skincare. You’re not alone.


Skincare works topically on the outermost layer of your skin – the epidermis. For young, healthy skin it takes the epidermis approximately twenty-eight days to regenerate from the base to the surface layer. So I usually expect to visible results a month after starting a new routine.

I know it can sometimes feel like your spots appear overnight but they actually begin at a cellular level. Acne Vulgaris is a skin disease caused by inflammation within the hair follicle. Inflammation occurs when a build up of excess sebum, acne bacteria and dead skin cells become trapped within the pore. So the severity of your acne can be reduced by limiting the amount of inflammatory triggers you are exposed to.


There are currently two types of support available (see below). Once I have received your payment I will email you with a virtual consultation form and my schedule to book your video call. Before completing the consultation, please read carefully Beautiful by Breakfast terms and conditions.

Personalised Skincare Plan

60.00 £


  • You’re tired of saying no to life on account of your breakouts
  • You’re ready to let go of your acne anxiety and make the changes necessary to get results
  • You’re prepared to leave any old cosmetics and bad skin habits behind for the next thirty days
  • You’re not happy with your current skincare regime

Video Call (30mins)

Sometimes it’s just nice to talk to someone who knows what you’re going through. So how you choose to use this 30mins is up to you!

20.00 £


  • You’re mostly happy with your skincare regimen, but your open to suggestions of how to maximise your results
  • You’ve reached a bit of a dead-end and you need a bit of motivation or advice on what to explore next
  • You just want to talk to someone who gets it!

Beautiful by Breakfast Testimonials

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Having Jo’s support over the past four weeks has been really empowering. Her recommendations come with a lot of research behind them and it feels refreshing to be treated as a human as opposed to a client with problems A and B. Jo knows that our skin is part of a bigger picture and I have enjoyed tuning into podcasts by others who understand the relationship between our mental health and our skin. I would recommend signing up if you feel alone in your skin struggle and want to feel part of a wider community.

United Kingdom

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The skin consultation is super easy to do and Jo really does take the information you give her and tries to add her tips to help fit what you like already. I’m all about green beauty and I was so impressed that she was so supportive and did not try to get me to change what I like. The products she suggested are amazing! They work, were super clean for my green beauty standards and affordable! Most of them were cheaper than the skincare I’m already using, so that helped me be willing to try them out too. Jo is also a great person to talk to too! She is amazing and I would recommend anyone who is struggling finding products or figuring out what to do to get a skin consultation or at least start following her IG to get tips.

United States

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I signed up for the skincare consultation because I felt I was just going around in circles, scared to try new things and not getting anywhere with my skin concerns which were decades old.  Jo is a fantastic cheer leader, she kept to my budget which I’m sure must have been a struggle but she came up with some fantastic products which I love. She convinced me that all my products don’t have to come from the same company and I now mix and match which I have never done before. Jo definitely has your back and she made contact with me because I was down which was worth it’s weight in gold just knowing there was somebody to talk to who totally understood what I was going through. As well as skincare recommendations she pointed me in the direction of podcasts and videos which were very helpful to me as well as the journal taking which can be a game changer if you are trying to work out why you are having breakouts. All in all money well spent and a new friend into the bargain.  Her Instagram is well worth a follow, makes me smile everyday.

United Kingdom

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Jo was fab from start to finish, I initially just blurted out my skin insecurities but she made time to listen, research and advise me on them whilst sounding more like a friend than a stranger over the internet! I would actively recommend getting in touch with her to discuss any skin issues because not only does Jo know her stuff, she really does care about you and your skin journey!

United Kingdom

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I reached out to Jo after seeing her empowering posts on IG. I knew she’d understand exactly what I was going through so I reached out and decided I should speak to someone who can really support me and not judge. Jo listened to everything I had to say and made me feel really comfortable. Her advice was amazingly helpful and she related it all back to her own experiences and shared some scenarios/examples with me which actually I found really helpful as it put things into context for me. I know she’s always there if I have a quick question or would like another call. Sometimes just knowing that is enough. Thank you Jo 

United Kingdom