Navigating life with a skin condition hosted by acne-scarred esthetician Joanna Kenny.


When you've tried everything and nothing works! Beautiful by Breakfast

This episode is dedicated to those of you who feel like you've reached a dead-end with your skin and by the end of the show I hope to show you that there is always something new you can try!Helpful Videos:- How acne made me a comedian – https://youtu.be/0yZHiZtlJ4M- Understanding Your Hormones – https://youtu.be/-SPRPkLoKp8- Behind the scars – https://youtu.be/_3orJwoshTQ
  1. When you've tried everything and nothing works!
  2. Toxic person? We're walking the other way…
  3. Permission to show up as you are
  4. How to stop acne running your love life
  5. You're not alone