Over the years I have felt huge pressure to appear ‘beautiful’ both in my work and personal life. I had spent so many years concealing my acne from other people that I began to feel trapped in my makeup.

People’s perception of beauty is something that we all know is as individual as we are. Yet somehow, most of us feel that we don’t quite measure up to the word ‘beautiful’ by definition.

Pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically.

Despite being told by colleagues, friends and even strangers that they think I’m am beautiful, I have never seen beauty in the reflection of my mirror because I knew what was hiding beneath my makeup. I was stuck in the same boat as everyone else; comparing myself to others and feeling completely inadequate.

We like feeling beautiful don’t we? It’s just human nature. And when you watch wildlife programmes, mating parters are usually selected by how brightly coloured their feathers are or by how well formed their body is. It is hot-wired into the most primitive part of our brain. Whether we like it or not, beauty is important to us.

Growing up there was only one industry I wanted to work in, I wouldn’t even entertain any other career options. I wanted to be a beauty therapist. I was a walking cliche. But I didn’t want to study beauty therapy to learn HOW to be beautiful. I wanted to study beauty therapy to learn how to make other people FEEL beautiful.

After many years of physically making people feel human again after a few hours of pampering, I decided to start this blog in hope to reach a larger audience.

This space is dedicated to helping all the blemished beauties out their feel comfortable in their own skin and realise that we are all flawed but fucking fabulous!

I chose the name BEAUTIFUL BY BREAKFAST because I feel it best describes where I am and where I am going.


Every evening before I go to sleep, I take off my make-up.

I cleanse, exfoliate, tone, layer serums, oils and moisturise.

I look at my red, inflamed face in the mirror and say silent prayer to the Skin Goddess.



Despite thirteen years of impeccable skincare and eating well-ish, I sill have acne.

I am now researching different foods to help heal skin from within, reduce inflammation and avoid any food types which can trigger breakouts.

I am going to be BEAUTIFUL BY what I eat for BREAKFAST, lunch and dinner.


In all this time, I seldom feel confident enough to go without make-up in public.

I am incredibly self conscious about the way my skin looks and feel as though people expect me to look a certain way.

I am still working on building my confidence, so that I can wear less make-up and gradually evolve into the bare faced beauty blogger.

But for now, each morning before anyone sees me, I apply my mask of make-up and become BEAUTIFUL BY BREAKFAST time.


  1. I loved reading this article. Well written and honest. I realise this is probably the first time I have read an artcle that says exactly what I have thought for years-why do companies use young models with perfect looking skin or well known actresses to advertise anti ageing products or any skin care product? Its because advertising sells and we believe the adverts because companies cant falsely advertise right? Plus…excellent professional lighting is used. Even I know from selfies, if I get good light and the right head angle, im amazed how good I look lol. Reality is Im 52, Im never going on the pathway of fillers. My skin is probably the best it has ever been, not perfect tho. I believe in using products with no petro-chemicals, synthetic perfume and parabens. Organic. ‘Natural Elements’ by Essentially Yours are all of these. Affordable too.
    My facial muscle tone is less than it was in my 30s. A few more ‘life’ lines have appeared. But this is me 🙂
    Beauty does comes from within. Simply drinking plenty of water daily, eating fresh veges and fruit, regular exercise…it all helps and aids our skin and our wellbeing.

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  2. You don’t need makeup that i believe. And also the woman don’t need too much makeup they just covering their beauty. I believe the woman should be brave to show their naturel beauty not fake one 😉 . What you think.

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