To the blemished beauties out there, you will know that after a patch of acne has cleared up, you are left with enlarged, pitted pores like the skin of an orange.

Not only do we have to treat the acne itself but we also have to treat the scarring in a way that doesn’t cause us more breakouts.

It’s a complete juggling act all the time!

As a skincare specialist and acne sufferer, it infuriates me to see advertising for skin where the models are wearing a full face of makeup and have been airbrushed of all pores.

I get particularly upset by the skincare advertisements targeting the blemished. They are usually of a flustered teenager squeezing their clear, flawless skin.

Well it’s been nearly ten years since I was a teenager and I still have acne. So not only does the misrepresentation of acne offend me; the stereotyping does too!

As a professional in the industry, I feel ashamed that we are misleading the consumer with such fake and misleading images.

I write this at a time when Dior choose twenty-five year old model Cara Delevingne as the face of its new anti-ageing line.


On behalf of the blemished, can we start seeing some real skin please?


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