I’ve been writing a lot recently about airbrushing and finding the CONFIDENCE to go without makeup.

I took this photograph today to illustrate what I have been harping on about.

Rather than applying makeup to my whole face today, I decided to cover only half. I do not have enough confidence yet to do a complete ‘no makeup selfie’ but I thought I could handle half of my face.

It has been a comforting process. My skin is the best it has been in a very long time and it feels really good to share it with other people in the hope that they feel more COMFORTABLE IN THEIR OWN SKIN.

I posted the image on Instagram and Facebook first and the feedback has already been so wonderful. Thank you!

If you feel inspired to share your own image; please use the hashtag #beyourownkindofbeautiful and tag me @beautifulbybreakfast


Photographing my skin without makeup is a massive step for me. My acne is an image which I battle with everyday and I hope that now; that image can be used for creating positivity in the beauty industry.

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