I love a healthy breakfast to fuel me for the day. I used to eat a bowl of greek yoghurt with fruit and granola, but part of my skin clearing mission means I need to avoid dairy.

Thank you to my friend Amy for this delicious bircher muesli recipe! I actually enjoy it more than yoghurt. Easy replacement.

Full of antioxidants, this breakfast is designed to help fight acne with the hazelnut milk, dried apricots and blue berries.

This one is VEGAN too for all the v bunnies.

Serves | 4       Preparation | 15      Cooking | 0


1 handful blanched almonds

1 handful pistachios

1 handful dried apricots

2 red apples

2 handfuls blue berries

3 cups organic rolled oats

500ml hazelnut milk (unsweetened)

How to make

Grate the apples into a bowl and mix with the nuts (chop of leave whole). Chop the dried apricots and add to mixture.

Add the oats and milk and leave to soak overnight. Add more milk in the morning for your preferred consistency.


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