Whether you have been dealing with acne for six months or six years; at some point you will have felt ugly. It is easy to slip into periods of self-loathing and depression but what you may not have realised is how guilty you’re feeling.

Are you feeling guilty that you’ve let down another friend on account of your acne?

Are you feeling guilty because you were too self conscious to answer the door to the neighbour who was just trying to deliver the Amazon packages they signed for?

Are you feeling guilty because you wore makeup today?

Are you feeling guilty for feeling depressed about your skin because you know there are people worse off than you?

Do you feel guilty for putting harsh chemicals on your skin in a desperate attempt to clear your acne?

Changing your perspective

So how do you get yourself out of this headspace? It isn’t easy… but this is an important part of your journey to clear skin.

  1. Acceptance – acne is temporary. Accept that it is a part of you but not so much so that you give up trying to figure out why you have it. Accept that you probably will still have acne at the weekend, so go out anyway! If you stay at home- you will regret it and feel guilty.
  2. Self Love – you may think your skin is failing you right now but if you think about what is really happening, your skin is telling you that something inside is out of balance. Thank your incredible human engineering that your body can highlight internal issues. Acne does not define who you are. You still have a kind heart and surrounded by friends and family who love you (whether you have acne or not). Don’t deny yourself the opportunity to be lifted up by those who love you.
  3. Be Realistic – try not to pressure yourself with unrealistic goals. Tackle your breakouts from all angles, all at once. Pinning your hopes and dreams on one miracle product is setting yourself up for yet another failed attempt at clearing your skin.
  4. Get Help – acne can leave you feeling pretty isolated and you may begin to feel like you’ve exhausted all options and decide to stop trying. If you haven’t already, I would recommend investing in a professional’s perspective and speak to others openly about your skin, (you will be surprised how quickly this will change the way you feel about your skin).
  5. Find Purpose – in an effort to clear acne we can become somewhat obsessed and think of little else. By finding a hobby or dedicating time to practice yoga or meditation you will naturally begin to appreciate the little things in life and realise; there is more to life then acne.

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