Eating my skin beautiful with this antioxidant and vitamin rich salad today.

What I love about my food journey to eating my way to better skin, is appreciating everything that I am putting into my body. Now, I lovingly prepare food with respect, knowing that it is about to heal me from the inside out.

My boyfriend is a chef and he introduced me to eating fennel raw. In the past I have always dodged fennel for its aniseed type flavour but when eating it raw and dressing it with lime and olive oil, it tastes deliciously fresh and light.

I’ve been roasting chickpeas as a snack for around four years now. Chickpeas are full of protein and a brilliant source of dietary fibre. The warmth of the chickpeas and the salty flavour of the capers is the perfect combination.

While each of these ingredients are abundant in vitamins and minerals, fennel and beetroot play the biggest role in eating my skin beautiful.

Fennel contains antioxidants to fight free radical damage and is rich in vitamins A, E & C which help to heal and repair the skin whilst also aiding in collagen production. It is rich in minerals too! It contains iron and zinc which promote a healthy glow and helps to heal wounds (like spots). My skin saviour magnesium helps to reduce sebum production.

Beetroot is also high in antioxidants and vitamin C which reduces pigmentation, scarring and helps to even out skin tone. As well as being an anti-inflammatory, beetroot is detoxifying to the blood and liver which results in a glowing complexion.

I know! Suddenly this salad got very tasty!

Serves | 2       Preparation | 10      Cooking | 25


1 beetroot

1 fennel

1tbsp fennel Seeds

2 tbsp. capers

400g canned chickpeas

1 lime

20ml extra virgin olive oil

1 tbsp. virgin coconut oil

1 handful basil

Preheat the oven to 380 degrees fahrenheit. Drain the chickpeas and capers and spread them evenly onto a baking tray, add one table spoon of coconut oil, sprinkle the fennel seeds and pop the tray in the oven.

Using a mandolin, slice the fennel and place into a large mixing bowl. Remove the skin from the beetroot (I just slice it off), grate it into thin pieces and add to the mixing bowl.

Squeeze the juice of the lime over the salad, add the olive oil and season with black pepper and pink himalayan salt. Remove the tray from the oven and once cool add the chickpeas and capers to the salad. Mix all the ingredients together and garnish with basil.

Beetroot & Fennel Salad

Beautiful by Breakfast


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