A couple of months ago I visited the opticians to have my eyes tested. I had been wearing the same prescription glasses for around six years; so I was well overdue!

Despite knowing that my eyes had deteriorated, I was shocked when I realised how much but I was looking forward to an excuse to try on some different frames and buy a new pair of glasses.

After much deliberation, I chose a pair of Tom Ford’s which are nearly identical to my old ones.

A few weeks later I returned to the opticians to pick them up.

When I tried them on I was horrified at what I saw.

There was my skin in high definition.

All this time I had thought my acne was improving but instead my eyesight had just been getting worse.

When I looked in the mirror it was like seeing my acne for the first time. Had I really been walking round like this?

I couldn’t help but feel emotional at what I saw. There was not one smooth surface area and every imperfection was highlighted by an oily shine.

After my initial shock, I appreciated my restored vision. I realised I had been just coping with my acne and had stopped fighting it.

It was an old lesson, one I had learnt before but forgotten. When I used to suffer with my IBS badly, I was waiting for someone to tell me how to make it better. Until I realised the only person who could help me was myself.

The same was true with my skin.

If I wanted to get rid of my acne once and for all, I was going to need to make some changes and commit.

Finally I was seeing clearly.

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