How many times have you wished that your acne will be gone before you go to sleep?

When my skin was really bad, the first thing I would do in the morning was touch my face to check if my skin felt as painful as the night before.

Whether you suffer from acne or not you will probably of noticed the positive effects of a good nights sleep. And if not you will almost certainly have noticed the negative impact on your skin after a few late nights.

What happens:

  • Blood vessels dilate causing dark circles under the eyes (the most visual effect of lack of sleep)
  • Collagen production slows down and your skin appears dull
  • Inflammation occurs in the body (not only does this weaken your immune system but is the underlying cause of premature ageing and acne)
  • Your skin can’t repair itself, causing premature ageing

Sleep is not only a time for the blemished to dream of CLEAR SKIN but natures way of allowing our bodies time to repair. And for those of you investing a lot of money in expensive skincare, you will notice better results if you practice good sleep hygiene.

How much sleep is enough?

Typically eight hours is the recommended amount of sleep per night. This is very much dependant on the individual but generally speaking between seven and eight has been proven to be the most effective.

What should your skin look like after a good nights sleep?

  • Glowing radiance
  • Improved elasticity
  • Healthy skin tone

How can you ensure a better night sleep?

  1. Avoid eating before going to bed. Ideally we should not eat after 19:00
  2. Avoid caffeine and sugar
  3. Avoid ‘Screen Time’ 30-60 minutes before sleeping. (The light from the screens on devices like phones, tablets, computers and televisions can reduce the production of the sleep hormone melatonin)
  4. Keep hydrated
  5. Get the temperature just right. It’s better to be a little cooler rather than too hot (below 70 degrees Fahrenheit)
  6. Take a warm shower or bath before bed
  7. Keep a pen and paper by your bed to write down any thoughts that might be preventing you from switching off
  8. Listen to relaxation music
  9. Practice Meditation
  10. Doodling or reading can help clear your mind
  11. Sleep on your back or side rather than your stomach

I am so good at sleep, I can do it with my eyes closed.

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