HERB HOUSE SPA is one of my favourite forest retreats. I can slip into a robe and completely switch off knowing every single detail has already been thought of.

At the Herb House Spa you can do yoga on the roof in a herb garden, revive together in double treatment rooms and take in the forest views from the massive sauna.

Where in the world

Nestled between the trees and the galloping wild horses of The New Forest National Park, Herb House Spa is a two hour drive from London. If you want to take your spa experience to the next level, I would highly recommend staying overnight at their quintessentially english hotel.

The last time we stayed, I requested a room with a roll top bath, so I could continue my relaxation with long soaks looking out to the forest. #bathtimegoals

The journey to relaxation

Your spa journey starts the moment you arrive.

The wonderful aroma from the herb garden greets you as you walk through the entrance. Fragrant smells of nature accompany you throughout your experience with holistic treatments from Voya, Bamford and Pai. 

You can fill your day with meditation and relaxation on the roof amongst the lavender, enjoying the warmth of the sun and the sounds of the trees rustling in the breeze.

If like me, you want to unleash your inner mermaid, Herb House has the most tranquil heat and water facilities that rival any mermaid lagoon. Looking out to the surrounding forest, you cannot help be anything but utterly revived by nature.


Pai Detox & Decongest Facial | 60mins

Suitable for oily, combination and sensitive skin, this treatment is ideal for people experiencing any form of congestion or skin stress.

          Having sensitive skin can mean spa visits aren’t as relaxing as they should be.
Our treatments are specially designed to gently restore unpredictable skin to its natural radiance without the use of harsh or irritating ingredients.
So you can completely relax, knowing both you and your skin will leave feeling completely calm, balanced and refreshed.

Click here for the full treatment menu


When you get hungry from all that recharging, there is no need to de-robe! The Raw & Cured food bar offers delicious, natural and healthy food with the occasional homemade cake thrown in for good measure.

If you’re planning to visit Herb House during the summer months, lunch out on the terrace is one of my little hotspots, nibbling away at some of their scrumptious Nori Rolls.

Time together

If you can get past the urge to giggle and the sound of your partner snoring, Herb House has the most idillic couples treatment room. If I remember rightly, they even have a bath tub out in its private garden for lovers to have a romantic dip. Aw!

The ultimate countryside getaway; perfect for weekend breaks, a dash from the city, or an escape from home.

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