Quite possibly one of the most frequently asked questions in the acne community! There are many ways make-up can make your skin worse but if you are removing it properly each day and following my tips below; you should be able to wear it guilt free!

Before you go scrolling off, I want you to grab your makeup bag! Get everything out and organise your cosmetics into three groups:

  1. Makeup you wear everyday
  2. Makeup you wear for special occasions
  3. Makeup you haven’t worn for over a year

OK then, so when was the last time you washed your cosmetic bag? Do you think today is it’s lucky day? Makeup bags can harbor a lot of bacteria; especially if you take it everywhere. Once it is washed and dried, pop everything from group one back inside. For groups two and three, I want you to read the rest of this blog and then decide whether they make it back into the bag.

1. Read the labels

First up, you need to check whether the products are non-comedogenic or non-acnegenic. This means they do not contain pore clogging ingredients.

2. Check the expiry dates

Over the years of trialling various brands, we tend to get an accumulation of products that we don’t use anymore.

Inevitably there will be some liquid foundations or tinted moisturisers that will be out of date and need throwing away.

By having a makeup detox, you will be ridding yourself of makeup that might be causing your breakouts. Check the label to see if they are non-comedogenic. Is it possible that your makeup is contaminated? Did you use a blusher or bronzer with a dirty makeup brush. Have your powders developed a hard oil like residue on the top?

3. Try before you buy

Some makeup brands provide small samples of their products, this is a great way for you to assess it’s durability, coverage and whether it has caused you any further breakouts or sensitivity.

Not all brands offer samples but if you go into their store, it is likely they will have a makeup artist on hand to apply it for you. I always prefer this option because I learn more about the product and discover helpful ways to enhance the application.

4. Application

When concealing your acne, I would always recommend using makeup brushes. No matter how clean we think we are, our oily fingertips and bacteria infested fingernails can sometimes spread infection around our face.

If you like to keep your makeup looking fresh, you may want to touch up your makeup after work. This means your lovely clean brushes come into contact with a days worth of sweat and bacteria. To avoid this, clean your brushes after use or cleanse, tone and moisturise your face first and then re-apply (preferred option).

It’s important to keep your makeup brushes clean by washing them in warm/hot soapy water and leave them to dry flat.

If you apply makeup over broken skin, you should be cleaning your brushes every day after use. But if you are using makeup to cover up acne scarring, you can reduce this to once or twice a week.

Published by Beautiful by Breakfast

Hey Cysters! I'm Jo and I started Beautiful by Breakfast to comfort and inspire all the blemished beauties out there who have insecurities about their skin. After battling with acne for well over a decade, I know how mentally exhausting it can be! Your journey to clear skin is your own, but I hope after reading my posts you can discover ways to heal and conceal your breakouts and above all else - LOVE YOUR SKIN

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