Living in the caribbean you can easily forget that Christmas is on the way!

But in true rom-com style, on Christmas Eve I return back to England to spend the holidays with my nearest and dearest.

Christmas time is the perfect opportunity to fill your stockings with gifts that are going to help you on your mission to clear skin!

But whether it’s for Christmas or a birthday that’s round the corner, here is a bit of inspiration for what to ask for!


Younger Skin Starts in the Gut

by Nigma Talib £12

           Eating too much of the wrong foods is bad for your digestion; and what’s worse, it shows up in your face as wrinkles, blemishes, bags and more. Luckily, by identifying and eliminating your skin-aging triggers, you can simultaneously heal your gut, stop this process of “digest-aging” and reverse its negative effects on your skin.

Younger Skin Starts in the Gut provides a complete healthy skin regimen that produces beautiful glowing skin by balancing hormones, preventing inflammation and maintaining well-adjusted digestion. The book’s comprehensive four-week program and healthy recipes provide solutions to eight different signs of aging-including uneven skin tone, puffiness, dark circles and adult acne–and guarantees one blissful result: younger-looking, healthier skin.

If you follow my blog you will know that in February I have an appointment with naturopatheic nutritionalist Dr Nigma Talib but before I do, I can’t wait to read this book to better understand how I can heal my acne from within.

Tone It Up 

Nutrition Plan $150

          The Tone It Up Nutrition Program teaches you how to make healthy lifestyle choices that will help you glow from within, achieve your goals, and feel the best EVER. This bundle takes your results to the next level with sculpting classes that you can access anytime, anywhere!

As part of my mission to eat my skin beautiful by my thirtieth birthday, I have signed up to this nutrition plan to get some inspiration. The nutrition plan is a one off payment, with exercise and recipes sent straight to you inbox. What I love about online plans is the flexibility and community of people all over the world to help motivate and inspire you, spreading the positivity.

Charlotte Tilbury

Gift Vouchers $$$

Gifting makeup can be a bit hit or miss. I love makeup but usually when people buy it as a present, they don’t take into considerations your colourings. You end up with shades of eye shadows and lipsticks that wouldn’t necessarily highlight your features. Gift vouchers are a sure winner! But if you really want to buy something to unwrap under the christmas tree, I would recommend Charlotte Tilbury’s wonderful makeup brush collection or a selection of lip glosses.

Liz Earle 

Muslin Cloths £4.50

Father Christmas has put these in my stocking every year since I was a teenager… thanks mum! A little tip from me, when your skin is feeling inflamed and sensitive, chill your cloths by soaking them in water and leaving in the refrigerator.

Rose Quartz  

Heart $12

Rose Quartz is probably one of the most regular gifts I receive and the most regular gift I give. Healing our skin issues is not all about diet, cosmetics and lifestyle. It is also about loving yourself no matter what. Rose quartz inspires the love of beauty for yourself and carries energy of compassion and peace, tenderness and healing, nourishment and comfort.

Aromatherapy Associates

Rose Infinity Moisturiser £115

          Formulated with the unique blend of Alpine Rose Stem Cells and highly acclaimed hydrolyzed plant proteins, the Rose Infinity Moisturiser works to support your skin’s ability to repair and strengthen itself at cellular level. Suitable for ageing skin, this moisturiser works to tone and firm the skin whilst deeply moisturising the skin leaving you looking and feeling radiant.

I know SO MANY ladies who will be putting this moisturiser on their christmas list this year!
Happy holidays everyone!

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