In October, my wonderful friend Kirsti gave me her copy of GUT .

the inside story of our body’s most under-rated organ.

What I like about Giulia Enders book, is her passion about POO.

The way she describes the inner workings of our gut is funny, illuminating and made me pause to appreciate what an incredible organ it is.

After having IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) for a decade, I became desensitised to about talking about faeces. You could say I am known for oversharing …

But I have always valued sharing information despite embarrassing myself because it encourages other people to share their experiences too. A lot of my friendships have stemmed from conversations about poo! Wow, I’ve just realised that!

And in a very similar way, I have made friendships and created opportunities for myself by talking openly about acne, which to many; is also considered a ‘taboo subject.’

Giulia describes talking about her profession in studying the gut as a bit of a conversation stopper. But when I talk openly about my skin, I open myself up to endless offers of solutions and ‘cures’. But I will come back to that in another blog!

When it comes to acne, that is what we are desperately searching for. THE CURE. For some, the journey to clearing their skin is simple. BUT like me and hundreds of people on my acne support groupBlemished and Beautiful, they have struggled for decades with their skin.

To those blemished beauties, I would say, it is time to look deeper for an answer.

AND the first place I am going to look, is in my GUT.

If you want to listen to Giulia Enders talk about poo, there is a nice introduction to her book on a TEDex talk.

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