I have always felt guilty; that as a woman, I can conceal my insecurities using makeup without judgment. And I often wondered if men felt the same embarrassment about their blemishes.

Year on year, the male grooming industry is growing at a rapid rate. The stigma attached to men looking after their appearance is fading away and we are welcoming a new generation of men who are


Over recent weeks I have had a lot of requests from men; asking about how they can conceal their acne.

In truth, makeup is UNISEX and just because something is packaged in pink or looks girly doesn’t mean men can’t use it. But as human beings, how something is presented to us is often just as important as what is inside the bottle.

Men like no nonsense, easy to understand, results driven products.

When researching the best makeup for you blemished boy beauties, I narrowed it down to FOUR specialised male makeup brands.

Today’s post is all about Formen. This brand not only looks the part but keeps grooming simple. Not only is the packaging stylish, the technology inside is specially formulated to rival any cosmetics targeted at women. As well as covering up blemishes, these products will brighten and mattify your skin whilst combating premature ageing.

The ingredients won’t clog your pores either! Formen is non comedogenic, hypoallergenic and fragrance free, so you won’t smell like you’ve been applying products.

But don’t just take my word for it. I caught up with Andrew- the founder of Formen and asked him to tell us more about makeup for men.

Can you tell us a bit about why you created Formen?

Absolutely! The whole idea of the brand came about on my prom night when I was in grade 12. I woke up with acne scattered across my face and didn’t know what to do. So, I asked my mother who suggested for her to apply her products on to my face. Not liking that idea I took to the stores and tried to find a solution that was for me. Returning home empty handed, she basically attacked me with an arsenal of products. When I saw what cosmetic type products could do on my skin, I thought there should be a targeted, direct, and simple solution to allow any man put his best face forward.

Do you think male grooming has changed in the last decade? 

100% yes and it is still continuing to evolve. Ten years ago you had an extremely limited range of products sold for men in terms of facial washes and moisturizers. The landscape moved from a handful of options through various trends like the metrosexual craze in the 90’s to more current ones like the rise of the beards and gender fluidity. That combined with general awareness and knowledge on male grooming as a whole, consumers are taking note (and buying products to care for themselves).

How does makeup for men differ to regular makeup?

Formen products are made to simplify the entire process. We tried to eliminate any sort of applicators or barriers to entry, so all but one product is applied simply with your hands. We also are changing the perspective on the topic, when people think makeup we find they tend to think color – blue eye shadows and red lipsticks that give a drastic change on the users face. Formen’s products are to simply target the most common skin concerns for our audience, anything from under eye circles to pimples.

What are your ‘go to’ products from the FORMEN range?

My favorite product is the brightening CC Cream. It’s 6 products in one easy bottle. It comes out white so it looks normal and then when it contacts the skin micro encapsulated pigments adapts to the skin, so it changes color.

Is there a particular product you recommend for concealing acne?

Yep! Depending on how pronounced the acne is you can do a few different things. You’ll want a full fledged concealer that’s a little bit brighter than your skin tone.
If it’s very red you can use a green concealer first, and then apply the skin tone concealer. You can also use a full face foundation to get an even skin tone in conjunction with the concealers. Since I can product plug here – we have a three in one concealer so if you don’t know what your skin tone is, we have you covered.

How to conceal your acne:

If you want to know more about Formen or want information about where to buy their products click here. 

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