Despite the male grooming industry accelerating into a multi-billion pound industry, there are still a lot of people who do not realise that they are exposed to men wearing makeup everyday.

We all feel the pressure of the airbrushed images we see in magazines and on social media.

This constant exposure to perfect pictures can make us feel incredibly self conscious in our own skin and strive for impossible results from our makeup and skincare.

Last week I was lucky enough to sample products from  Britain’s largest male makeup brand MMUK Man.

The first thing I noticed was the stylish, discreet, black packaging. At the time of trialing the makeup, I had experienced a few breakouts overnight, so wasn’t holding out much hope in being able to conceal my spots with anything other than my own makeup.

Instead, I was absolutely blown away with the coverage and especially enjoyed the way the mineral matte foundation felt on my skin.

I asked my boyfriend Chris if he would be willing for me to take a before and after picture of him wearing the foundation. He had never used makeup before so he said the he would only allow it if he didn’t look silly. He was so surprised with the result he actually kept the makeup on all day and wanted to keep the makeup for himself.


If it hadn’t been for good makeup over the years, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to achieve everything I have in both my personal and professional life.

For me, the idea of a man not having the option to conceal their skin was upsetting.

So when I came across MMUK Man during my research I was overjoyed! It is more than just a male makeup brand. It is a movement dedicated to empowering men all over the world to feel more CONFIDENT in their own skin.

Not only is MMUK Man a one-stop website, where you can buy all the cosmetics you could possibly desire, there is also an abundance of helpful pages to inspire, comfort and support you through the process.

Any man who is considering wearing makeup for the first time, is probably going to need a little reassurance that wearing makeup is OK! If you head over to their website you can read testimonials from some of the men who are already using MMUK Man.

              After biting the bullet and choosing a few of your products, I am absolutely made up and not just literally. My skin feels great and I definitely feel more confident whilst wearing MMUK MAN. My girlfriend loves me when I’m looking my best as she loves doing the usual Instagram selfie thing with me. What can I say about the range? Excellent value and very good performance. My cosmetics arrived a couple of days after ordering them on Monday night and I’ve already been practicing as you’ve suggested. Nothing so far looks too feminine and my skin’s improvement whilst wearing them is incredible. I’m very pleased with your level of service and will be back for more when all of this runs out.

My favourite part of their website is ‘Ask the ladies’. They have really thought of everything! This is a platform for men to write in and ask for the opinion of a group of ladies on anything; ranging from application techniques to sexual appeal.

If all of that wasn’t enough they also have their own blog which tackles their most frequently asked questions.

When it comes to selecting products online that are best suited to you, MMUK Man has got you completely covered. All you have to do is send them in a recent photograph of either your face or back of your hand and they will get back to you within four working hours advising you on what products will work best for you.

But how will you know what shade to pick?

Don’t worry they’ve thought of that too and created a MAN PALETTE to make it easier to choose the best colour match for you.

Utterly impressed, I had to speak to the founder of MMUK Man to find out more about this growing brand.

How important is it for men to feel confident to wear makeup?

It’s absolutely imperative!  Half of pulling off makeup naturally and to
feel comfortable whilst wearing it is confidence.  It might not be
something you can switch on, especially as a newbie, but as long as you’re
on a journey towards growing confidence then there’s no way you should
avoid wearing cosmetics.

 Which products from MMUK Man are best suited to treat and conceal acne?

Aside from our anti-acne skincare line, most guys tend to use our mineral
matte foundation and mineral matifying powder and combine it with our
concealer stick to achieve natural flawless looks that cover up acne and
acne scaring.

What does the future look like for mens makeup?

This year we’re launching our first high street store in Brighton.  We’re also planning
to expand our offering within Europe and set up distribution centres in
France, Spain and Germany in order to get MMUK in people’s hands
quicker.  We’ll also be expanding our retailer portfolio to get MMUK on
every high street.


As this is men’s week, it feels only right that I give you a man’s opinion on MMUK Man. I found this really helpful review by The Beauty Boy on YouTube. He talks through the core products individually and how best to apply them.

Another place your might like to visit is MAN FACE a blog started in 2011 dedicated to men’s grooming. It’s written by a guy called Thom Watson who has a clear passion for all things beauty and writes clear, well written product reviews. Check out what he has to say about MMUK Man by clicking here.

Another bit of male inspiration for you is from the BLONDE MALE he says:

            MMUK MAN offer a mens makeup range that is non confusing, whilst being highly detailed, helping the beginner to be welcomed into their range. You can select a few products to change your look subtly concentrating on one subject of your face, or by buying a range of the products, the simple to follow steps allows you to apply the makeup to create an all over makeup look easily without being detectable.


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