Brought to you from Poxrucker & Co. Gentleman’s Polish is my boyfriend’s favourite mens brand for discreet packaging. Combined with SPF and great coverage, this mineral formula will conceal your blemishes without appearing like you are wearing makeup.
Founded by renowned makeup artist to the stars; Alicia Poxrucker created this product to suit everyone both on and off the screen.
Gentlemen’s polish is mineral oil free which is incredibly important for us blemished beauties. Mineral oil is one of the biggest contributors to breakouts, due to its large molecule size, it is unable to penetrate through our skin. It is used by manufacturers to bulk out the product size to make you believe you are getting better value for money!
         I want all men to feel good and comfortable about using a face product the helps disguise and deminish blemishes without looking or feeling like they have anything on.

Whilst researching into the different makeup brands specialised for men, Gentlemen’s Polish came out on top for exposure. With the founder Alicia working as a makeup artist, nearly half of the people I watch on television are wearing this tinted moisturiser!

As there is no better person to get advice from on mens makeup than the makeup artist herself, I caught up with Alicia and asked her a few questions.

After years working in the makeup industry, what have you learnt about male skin that differs from women?

Men’s skin is 3% thicker than women’s and usually has a tougher appearance and larger pores. This makes it harder for makeup to sit on skin without it looking like it’s there. With the light diffusing mineral base, our sheer tint was designed with a men’s skin in mind.

How should men apply makeup if they have a lot of facial hair?

Apply the makeup only to the skin exposed and you can use your fingers to blend in the product, remember… a little bit goes along way! Or if you only have one or two blemishes you can use just for spot cover like a concealer.

What is the best way to shave without aggravating acne?

  1. CLEANSE and SOFTEN. Warm up your hair follicles either with a shower or a hot wet towel.
  2. Apply a SHAVING OIL
  3. Layer an ALCOHOL FREE SHAVING CREAM over the top to protect against razor burn
  4. Using a SHARP razor, shave in the direction of the hair growth, cleaning your blade in-between each stroke.
  5. PROTECT your freshly shaved face with your favourite calming moisturiser. Once it has soaked in, use your Gentleman’s Polish all over your face or as a concealer on your desired areas.



• Multi-tasking formula helps reduce shine
• Contains natural, light-diffusing pigments for complete coverage
• Diminishes the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles
• Light coverage with a velvety feel, has a smooth, demi-matte finish
• SPF 20 Hypoallergenic
• Oil and Paraben FREE
• Designed for all skin types

Gentlemens Polish Tints


If you need a bit of male inspiration, check out Alicia’s Instagram feed for the male celebs already using Gentleman’s Polish.

Poxrucker & Co – Instagram 

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