Applying makeup for the first time can be a daunting prospect; no mater what gender you are. Follow my basic steps to help get you started and you’ll be a pro in no time!

The basics

Start small

Choose a maximum of four products and once you become comfortable you can build from there. If you are trying to wear makeup discreetly; less is definitely more!

How to find the right colour foundation

I would always recommend that where possible you go in-store to get a professional to match you up with the correct shade but if you’re not ready for that; buy the two closest shades to your natural skin colour. You will inevitably use them both throughout the year as the seasons change.

Light is your new best friend

The best place to apply makeup is somewhere with an abundance of natural light to avoid streaky application or harsh lines. I have always found bathrooms a good place to apply makeup. But if your bathroom doesn’t have a window, it might be worth investing in a small magnifying mirror light.

Find an applicator that you can work with

Before you go straight in with your fingers, the key to a discreet application is blending. Much the same as when you have your hair cut; you don’t want any obvious lines. I prefer to blend with brushes, but for beginners I would recommend using a sponge. It’s easily concealable in a wash bag and dries quickly after cleaning.

Applying foundation

For best results, always apply over a moisturised face. Makeup likes to cling to any areas of dry skin with can make your foundation patchy. Use your sponge in a light dabbing motion to achieve fuller coverage. Depending on the foundation you should be able to build up layers.

In addition to dry areas, makeup will be attracted to anywhere with hair making it the most obvious sign that someone is wearing makeup. Sometimes when I am a bit heavy handed, I wipe these areas (minus the beard!) with a tissue or cloth to remove any excess. If you keep your face clean shaven, I would recommend giving your skin a little breathing period before applying a tinted moisturiser or foundation. If you are short on time, keep a few damp cloths in your fridge so that you can do a cold compress after you shave. The cold temperature will help to constrict the pores and reduce sensitivity. If you have applied your makeup before donning your clothes, you will need to be mindful of getting makeup on the neck lining. Unfortunately, applying makeup when you are already dressed isn’t without it’s problems either. With the mineral makeups I recommend, the loose powders can sometimes find their way onto your clothes, so when you are applying your makeup, I find applying it whilst leaning over a sink prevents me getting foundation on my clothes.

While you’re still perfecting your application, allow plenty of time in the morning to get ready. Once you are feeling confident with your technique; it won’t add more than five minutes onto your day.

When I first started concealing my acne, there wasn’t the abundance of makeup tutorials that there are now on YouTube. This is a great way to learn tips and build your confidence with makeup.


This is just as important as application. A lot of people ask me if wearing makeup can make acne worse. I always say that it depends on the brand of makeup, but in addition to  that not removing your makeup properly can lead to breakouts. Put your face wash in the shower and clean your face as part of your usual shower routine. Use a flannel or muslin cloth to remove the product and exfoliate 2-3 times per week for a deeper pore cleanse.


You got this! If wearing make up is going to help you be the best version of yourself, do it! You are not alone… there a hundreds of men and women out there that feel self conscious about their skin. If you have more questions on skincare or makeup advice, comment below or join my acne support group.

Click here to join.



In my opinion this is the most established brand of male makeup. More than just makeup; it is a movement dedicated to empowering men all over the world to feel more confident in their own skin.

Not only do they have a one-stop website; where you can buy all the cosmetics you could possibly desire, there is also an abundance of helpful pages to inspire, comfort and support you through the process.

Any man who is considering wearing makeup for the first time, is probably going to need a little reassurance that wearing makeup is OK! If you head over to their website you can read testimonials from some of the men who are already using the brand.

My favourite part of their website is ‘Ask the ladies’. They have really thought of everything! This is a platform for men to write in and ask for the opinion of a group of ladies on anything; ranging from application techniques to sexual appeal.

If all of that wasn’t enough they also have their own blog which tackles their most frequently asked questions.

When it comes to selecting products online that are best suited to you, MMUK Man has got you completely covered. All you have to do is send them in a recent photograph of either your face or back of your hand and they will get back to you within four working hours advising you on what products will work best for you.

But how will you know what shade to pick?

Don’t worry they’ve thought of that too and created a MAN PALETTE to make it easier to choose the best colour match for you.

Utterly impressed, I had to speak to the founder of MMUK Man to find out more about this growing brand.

How important is it for men to feel confident to wear makeup?

It’s absolutely imperative!  Half of pulling off makeup naturally and to
feel comfortable whilst wearing it is confidence.  It might not be
something you can switch on, especially as a newbie, but as long as you’re
on a journey towards growing confidence then there’s no way you should
avoid wearing cosmetics.

 Which products from MMUK Man are best suited to treat and conceal acne?

Aside from our anti-acne skincare line, most guys tend to use our mineral
matte foundation and mineral matifying powder and combine it with our
concealer stick to achieve natural flawless looks that cover up acne and
acne scaring.

What does the future look like for men’s makeup?

This year we’re launching our first high street store in Brighton.  We’re also planning
to expand our offering within Europe and set up distribution centers in
France, Spain and Germany in order to get MMUK in people’s hands
quicker.  We’ll also be expanding our retailer portfolio to get MMUK on
every high street.

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