Today I treated my skin to an Environ Facial. There is nothing quite like being pampered on a heated bed whilst it is cold and raining outside!

When it comes to having facials, I am very particular about which skincare brand is used. If I don’t like the products or the treatment hasn’t come recommended to me then I generally don’t like trying new things in the event it might cause my acne to flare up.

Many years ago when my acne was more active, I was introduced to Environ Skincare. I added their Retinol, 1,2 & 3 into my routine at home and it worked wonders on my breakouts.

One of the things that impresses me most about this brand is it’s dedication to RESULTS. Despite the competitive nature of the skincare industry, they stay committed to maintaining their PROFESSIONAL status.

Some of their products like the Retinol that I used to use, are so active that they need to be recommended to you by a skincare professional. For this reason you will find it hard to buy authentic Environ products online and instead you need to visit your local stockist.

In addition to their professional approach, I love their philosophy ‘FEED, FORTIFY, FINISH’ treating the skin in its entirety; with supplements, skincare and makeup.

As with all skincare, I recommend having a facial first to establish if you like the smell and the feel of the products. It gives you the opportunity to ask your therapist for advice on how to use the products and what results you can expect to achieve.

The facial I had today was called the ACTIVE VITAMIN TREATMENT which worked on three of my target areas.

Combining the power of the most active forms of vitamin A and C, the facial uses sound waves and small electrical pulses to drive the products deeper into the skin, maximising hydration and stimulating collagen production. This is particularly beneficial for people like me who have ACNE SCARRING.

Nearly all of the products have no odour, which is perfect for anyone who’s skin tends to be more on the sensitive side.

After a thorough cleanse, the Sonophoresis began.

Sonophoresis uses ultrasound waves that stimulate micro-vibrations within the skins epidermis which increases the absorption of topical products, giving you plump, hydrated, radiant skin.

This is quite an unusual sensation and can differ from person to person. For me it created the sensation of the feeling you get when you ears need to pop. There was a high pitched noise but no real physical sensation on my skin.

After more layering of antioxidant rich products, it was time for the face mask. This was my favourite part of the treatment! The mask is so thick it is applied over your eyes and mouth leaving only your nostrils uncovered. (You can choose to keep areas uncovered if you prefer).

The mask was then attached to the machine by small clips which enabled the Iontopherisis to take place. Similar to Sonophoresis, the current pushes product DEEPER into the skin and restores the skins natural barrier.

Gentle rollers glided over my face, giving concentrated current to my TARGET areas which was incredibly hypnotic and relaxing.

Unfortunately, it all had to come to an end and once unattached from the machine, the mask was lifted from my face which I can only describe as a ‘Mrs Doubtfire’ type of moment. But what a way to finish a facial, I felt REBORN! Ahhhh, now the their slogan makes sense….

   your skin reborn beautiful.

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