As human beings we often describe objects, places, music and people as BEAUTIFUL.

When I was a child, it made me happy for someone to tell me that they thought I was pretty. Looking back, I’m not sure that I would have paused to think if someone hadn’t commented on my appearance but I know I would have been as equally happy with any positive acknowledgment.

Is telling someone from a young age they are beautiful damaging? Should we really put emphasis on appearance instead of focusing on what matters?

My earliest memory of being aware of the way I looked was at infant school. I couldn’t have been older than six or seven because I was playing kiss chase in the playground. A girl called Danielle came up to me asking me what I did to get the attention from the boys. She asked me what I had eaten for breakfast. Sure enough the next morning Danielle came to school with a tummy full of Cocopops in hope that that was the secret. HOW WE ALL WISH IT WAS!

When I reached my teens I was more aware of my looks and of the other girls around me. It didn’t matter how many times someone complimented me, I was preoccupied with measuring myself to my class mates.

Like the children of today, I also compared myself to what I saw in the media and I spent a lot of time on my hair and makeup from a young age to try and look like the celebrities I saw in the magazines. I wore dark eyeshadows and vibrant lipsticks and was quickly labelled ‘Barbie no tits’ by the school bullies.

Toward the end of my school years I started getting breakouts, I applied more makeup and became even more insecure about the way I looked. But I had learnt a way to conceal my insecurities and outwardly appeared confident in who I was.

Throughout my life, I have counselled a lot of girls, boys, men and women about the way they looked.  I was never brave enough to take my makeup off and say, ‘This is what I REALLY LOOK LIKE. You have nothing to worry about.’ I felt so guilty. They were comparing themselves to me and I didn’t feel beautiful at all. I was just a magician with makeup.

The purpose of Beautiful By Breakfast, is to help everyone to see their indivual beauty and to stop comparing themselves to others. Because what they see, is rarely what is REAL.

Two things prevent us from happiness; living in the past and observing others.

Despite being exposed to the insecurities of others from a young age, this didn’t stop me from developing my own, and although we all have our ‘issues’.

REAL BEAUTY is someone who is confident in their own skin. With that in mind, it is time to change what we associate with the word ‘beautiful’. Your mantra for today:

I am beautiful. 

We MUST believe in our own beauty.

Because you are a strong, independent, brave, compassionate, caring, thoughtful human being and bring joy to so many people.

No one is you and that is your super power.


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