Since starting my blog Beautiful by Breakfast, a lot of people have admitted that they never knew I had problems with my skin. I have been covering up acne for thirteen years now, so you could say I have got pretty good at it!

Working in the beauty industry; I have been exposed to a lot of different brands, which made choosing ONE a bit overwhelming.

By talking openly about my acne, one lovely lady introduced me to YOUNG BLOOD. I am always sceptical of brands that I have never heard of but when they come so highly recommended by someone I trust; I investigate.

These three products I recommend; have given me the confidence to behave ‘normally’ and not let acne hold me hostage. The coverage is the best I have ever used and I can apply them guilt free, knowing that I am enriching my skin with sea minerals and not clogging up my pores.

Unlike conventional makeup, Youngblood uses natural, finely ground minerals from the earth without the usual skin irritants of dyes, chemicals and preservatives. Many of the products contain their signature mineral blend of Zincite, Rhodolite, Hematite and Malachite to help protect cells and tissue.

Their gentle formula is suitable for all skin types and conditions, including skins recovering from laser or chemical peels, or those with inflamed acne or rosacea.

Unlike a lot of mineral based makeup, Youngblood is free from talc, parabens, oil and fragrance.

One of the most important things for me (after coverage); is the makeups durability. I’ve never been one to carry makeup around with me and re-apply, so I want something that is going to last the whole day. As well as being long-lasting this foundation stands up to my island lifestyle of heat, humidity and perspiration.

The reason I favour mineral foundations is because of the flexibility of a build-able coverage. I can use the same foundation on my good skin days as I do on the bad ones.

You might find it harder to locate this brand as they generally only stock it in high-end medispas and skin care clinics.

If you’re not sure which colour to choose, don’t be afraid to call them directly for guidance. In the past I have resorted to buying the closest two shades and eventually wear them both as the seasons change.


My Youngblood Essentials:

Liquid Mineral Foundation

The first time I applied this product, I was amazed at how effortlessly it glided over my skin. Formulated with a blend of rare Reduced Salt Deep Sea Water, botanicals and over twenty ocean minerals, I was comforted to know I was soothing and hydrating my skin while I concealed my acne.

As with the powder foundation, you can build the coverage of this foundation which is ideal if you are like me and trying to gradually wear less makeup.

Finish: Satin / Coverage: Sheer to Medium


Natural Mineral Foundation

This is the best powder foundation I have ever used. It conceals my scars and blemishes so well that most people do not know I have a problem with my skin. I love being able to control the amount of coverage I have, so on days where my acne isn’t so inflamed, I apply a lighter layer and on the bad days I can adopt a fuller coverage.

When my acne has been at it’s worse I have actually used both the Liquid Mineral Foundation and this to magic my spots away! Having said that; do remember ‘Less is most definitely more’.

I don’t know about you but having acne has made me avoid anything with a hint of glitter; as even a light shimmer can highlight my spots. Thankfully this foundation is completely sparkle free!

As it always is with a loose powder, you do need to be careful dispensing the product. I have always found travelling with them to be a bit of a nightmare, so if you can keep yours in one place it will make opening and closing it less wasteful.

Finish: Luminous / Coverage: Sheer to Fullyoungblood_foundation_loose-mineral_sunglow_lg1_copy_1

Hi-Definition Hydrating Mineral Perfecting Powder

For most people with acne, a matt complexion is just as important as a good coverage. This finishing powder can be used over either of my recommended foundations to set and mattify. It hydrates whilst it works leaving my skin feeling soft and silky, unlike other powders which can have a drying effect.

Hi Definition Powder