There is no denying that the theory behind cleansing your skin with a facial brush is well researched.

As well as increasing the absorption of your skincare products, a facial brush can also help to massage your face giving you nourished cells and glowing skin.

Clinical studies have shown that using a brush like a Clarisonic can remove six times more makeup and twice the amount of impurities in comparison to a manual cleanse.

Although the soft bristles have been designed to buff even the most sensitive skins, some of the members of my acne support group: Blemished & Beautiful have experienced such brushes to cause aggravation to their acne.

When using a Clarisonic over the last few years I haven’t noticed a difference in my skin. But I can’t help feel compelled to want to buy a replacement after one visit to their website. It just makes so much sense!


The prices for Clarisonic devices range from $129-$349 meaning you have to be really into your skincare to feel happy about investing that kind of money in a home beauty gadget.

Clarisonic do appear to be the leaders in facial brushes but there are others available that have been regarded just as effective and better value for money.

If you can’t afford to regular facials; a cleansing brush is a good alternative.


In recent weeks I have discovered the type of skincare I have been using wasn’t suited to my skin condition and could be a possible reason for me not seeing any improvement when using a cleansing brush.

Is this another case of a ‘workman shouldn’t blame his tools’? Had my cleanser been better suited to my skin would I have seen better results?

If that is the case, surely there must be other people like me who have not been using the ‘right’ skincare.

Do we have to use the Clarisonic skincare to get the results promised from the brush?

No matter what skincare you do use; a cleansing brush can save you money. I found when using a brush I used less cleanser in comparison to manually cleaning my face and with my skin being more regularly ‘exfoliated’ I was receiving maximum results with my products as it was feeding surface skin rather than just dead skin cells.

There’s no questioning that glow!

Time is money

In some ways I actually found using a cleansing brush more time effective than doing a manual cleanse and although there is the initial expense of buying the device and then the replacement heads, I wonder if it is better for the environment than using disposable cotton wool or laundering flannels and muslin cloths.

Unfortunately my Clarisonic was damaged during the chaos of hurricane Irma at the end of last year, so I am currently debating whether or not I want to buy another one.

I would love to hear your thoughts on cleansing brushes and whether you think they are worth the investment.

Further reading

If you are thinking about buying a cleansing brush, I have found a review from The Independent that I thought you might find helpful.



  1. Recently I was thinking about buying one. Honestly, I’m still not convinced. Do we really need our face to be cleaned so thouroughly? We already use pillings, masks etc. In my case, I do not use too much make-up so also at the end I do not have to spend much time to remove the dirt from all the day.

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