Over the years I have tried a wide range of things to treat my acne.

For some reason (and I’m not sure if this is the same with all skin conditions) throughout the time I have had acne, people have given me advice on my spots UNPROMPTED.

Most of the time, I wouldn’t start conversations about my skin to avoid the unwelcome INSPECTIONS and product suggestions.

Sometimes the things that used to get recommended to me were so offensive, it is no wonder I developed CONFIDENCE issues about my skin.

Have you tried washing your face?

But occasionally some people got through to me and I would try their suggestions based on their own personal experience and success.

Apart from taking harsh medications, I have also resorted to some pretty DRASTIC measures at home to try and rid myself of my never ending breakouts.

When I was in my late teens, I experimented with my Dad’s antiseptic mouth ulcer liquid called TCP. It said on the bottle it was good for sore throats, ulcers, bites and spots. I used to pour it onto damp cotton wool and wipe it over my face before going to bed. I smelt like a pharmacy! It was terrible. And unsurprisingly my skin did not improve, instead it got dry and sensitive.

When I shared this today on my social media and acne SUPPORT group, I discovered I was not alone in taking drastic measures in effort to clear my skin.

Suffering with acne will make you desperate to find THE CURE and everyone you talk to thinks they have THE ANSWER . It can be overwhelming to hear such conflicting advice all the time and even more upsetting when you try something and it doesn’t work for you.

A lesson that we all have to learn, is that our acne is our own and we need to discover what works for us and try not to get distracted by other peoples successes. Actually, perhaps that statement isn’t fair. Acne sufferers do know that they have to find what works for them. It is the ‘clear skin folk’ offering the advice that don’t understand.

I learnt today that I wasn’t the only one willing to try anything to treat my acne. Some blemished beauties out there admitted to using vodka, nail polish remover and sewing needles to heal their acne. Reading some of the things people do in pure desperation is incredibly upsetting. It just highlights how having something as seemingly harmless as acne; can alter our state of mind and make us behave so irrationally.

This has made me even more determined than ever to help others feel better about their skin.

So many of us try to treat our skin ALONE.

My mission is to create a place, where blemished beauties can come and begin their own journey to discovering why they have acne and learn from my past experiences.

I don’t want anymore people to feel isolated because of their acne!

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2 thoughts on “DESPERATE MEASURES!

  1. Anonymous

    Hello 🙂 for years I have had bad acne. I’m just learning I need a Hysterectomy (spelling) But that it may have been Hormonal all this time. For the last month, I been getting 3 new pimps a day. Huge ones that leave marks. I do not bust and they still leave marks. I didn’t come out the house this weekend. I just would like to keep it dark and no lights.


    1. Beautiful by Breakfast

      Ah thank you for getting in touch. I’m so sorry to hear that you are having to have such a big operation. You will probably find your skin will change a lot afterwards. You will more likely loose moisture and get very dry skin.
      Have you been to see a dermatologist about treating your spots at the moment?


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