At the end of 2017 I embarked upon the beginning of the end of a thirteen year journey with acne. In the early years I tried both topical and oral medication to clear my skin. After various attempts of different contraceptives, antibiotics and Roaccutane I still had acne and developed a very sensitive bowel (IBS).

In my twenties, the acne cleared from my body and reduced to a grade three on my face; experiencing flare-ups sporadically. I took comfort in the thought that by the time I reached twenty-five I would SURELY be free from the spots that controlled every decision I made.

At twenty-six I resigned myself to a life with ‘bad skin’ because in my mind; I had tried EVERYTHING. Fast approaching thirty, I am determined to clear my acne once and for all.

I have always assumed there was a connection between my irritable bowel syndrome and my breakouts, so I knew the first thing I needed to do was HEAL MY GUT. A friend of mine who was following my journey recommended her family’s Kushi Macrobiotic School in Sussex. Everything my friend Beth described was everything that I had thought must be true for the CAUSE OF MY ACNE. With limited time in England, I booked onto the one day Fermentation course at The Kushi Macrobiotic School and hoped that I might find some answers.

With every minute I spent listening to David and Nicola I knew that I was on the right path to clearing my skin. Hearing their own personal experiences of how a Macrobiotic lifestyle has improved their family’s health was so incredibly INSPIRING, I left the class buzzing and thirsty for more knowledge. I wanted to help spread the word about Macrobiotics because I realised EVERYONE could benefit. We have all heard of the expression

you are what you eat

it derives from macrobiotics teachings, Nicola and David (founders of the school) passionately explain how we can heal our bodies from within by nourishing our SECOND BRAIN.

As human-beings we have become accustomed to taking pills to treat our ailments. But sometimes the very medication we take in order to treat one problem can end up causing another (like me with my acne and IBS).

Nicola and David teach how Macrobiotics is a way of life rather than a diet. They describe their holistic relationship with food and reveal the importance of BALANCE, SUSTAINABILITY and VARIETY.

Macrobiotics isn’t just ONE answer to one problem. It is one answer to HUNDREDS of problems.

Fix the gut and everything else falls into place.



Whether you are looking to learn more about macrobiotics, the art of sushi or how to make delicious dairy and sugar free deserts, Nicola and David run numerous classes throughout the year that can really change the way you think about food. I couldn’t recommend it enough!

Click here for KUSHI SCHOOL UK


If you want to hear more about how macrobiotics changed Nicola’s life listen to The Lifestyle News Hound podcast.

Listen here


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