In February I had the pleasure of being invited to EF MEDI SPA in Richmond for a treatment to help heal my acne.

The Spa Manager Kate had been following my journey on Instagram and suggested their LED facial to aid my mission for clear skin.

Where in the world

Located in the tranquil, residential district bordering the River Thames; I visited the newly opened Richmond clinic.

But you can find EF MEDI SPA at five other affluent locations across the U.K.

  • Kensington, London
  • Chelsea, London
  • St John’s Wood, London
  • Clifton, Bristol
  • Edgbaston, Birmingham

The journey to clear skin

As a therapist myself I am incredibly picky about who I let touch my inflamed angry skin; in fear that they might do something to make it worse.

But the team in Richmond exuded professionalism and an in-depth knowledge about skincare which instantly put me at ease.

Combined with highly trained therapists, results driven cosmeceuticals and breakthrough techniques; this was unlike any spa I had visited before.


Every client begins their journey with a thorough consultation to discuss their concerns so they can be guided to the appropriate treatment programme.

On a budget?

Don’t worry they have this covered too. They will tailor your treatment recommendations around your budget and advise you on what you can expect to achieve.

Unfortunately I was restricted on time; as I was only visiting the U.K. temporarily.

After the success of my first treatment, I could imagine that if I had been able to commit to their recommended programme; I could have seen a dramatic change in my acne.


As a complete beauty geek the first thing I did on arrival was have a nosy at the skincare on display.

I was instantly impressed that EF MEDI SPA stocked YoungBlood Cosmetics; which I have been using for over seven years to conceal my acne.

It is by far one of the best mineral makeup brands and is only stocked by professional clinics and spas.

In addition to YoungBlood cosmetics they use:

  • DermaQuest
  • Biologique Recherche
  • Skin Ceuticals
  • Cosmedix

After years of using natural aromatherapy products to treat my acne, my therapist Kami educated me that any skincare containing oils was going to increase the amount of breakouts I had.

Instead she introduced me to DermaQuest and prescribed me a routine to start targeting my grade three acne.

After using these products for a few days I instantly saw results. I knew this massive change in my daily routine was going to play a detrimental role in clearing my skin.


Because all of our acne is unique and at different stages, I’m not going to recommend you try one specific treatment from their advanced treatment menu.

Instead I’m going to encourage you to book yourself in for a consultation so that they can guide you towards which tailor-made programme is going to be best suited to your skin.

At EF MEDI SPA we offer an extensive range of facials and peels to deal with acne, scarring and rosacea.

Pixel Laser

A fractional ablative Laser Treatment for skin resurfacing, scarring and hyper pigmentation.

IPL Skin Rejuvenation

An effective treatment for rosacea and other skin irregularities it utilises intense pulsed light technology to regenerate collagen and even skin tone and discolouration.

Led Luminous Lift

An exclusive 30min facelift using light technology to repair, replenish and rejuvenate your skin, including acne and acne scars.


Out of all the spas I have visited EF MEDI SPA has the most impressive ways for you to nourish your skin from within.

Not only do they have their own in house nutritionalist, they also have a ‘DRIP & CHILL’ lounge which consists of specialised IV Vitamins infusions and Intramuscular Shots delivering valuable nutrients straight to the blood stream.

If you want to heal your skin from the inside out EF MEDI SPA are dedicated to finding the root cause of your concern and treating you as the individual that you are.

EF MEDI SPA - Richmond Team

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