A real turning point in my journey to clear skin was when I first discovered the effectiveness of LED lights for acne. I was invited to try it by EF MEDI SPA in London and like most things, I was sceptical with no expectations to see results. The lamp that they used was called DermaLux and by all appearances seemed to be the daddy of all LED lights.

This wasn’t the first time I had tried light to cure my acne. Oh yes! In a desperate attempt to clear my skin several years ago; I started using sun beds regularly. I know, I know – big mistake!  But unlike ultraviolet rays, LED lights are both eco and skin friendly.

The DermaLux lamp used during my course of treatments was a combination of blue, white and red light. When used together they target not only the infection itself but also promote healthy cell  growth, reduction of pore size and stabilise oil production.

When I woke up the next day I was in absolute disbelief.  The overwhelming redness, angry and inflamed skin; was calm for the first time in a long time.

I had only been visiting London for a short while, so going to a clinic regularly wasn’t an option for me and I was pretty sure there wouldn’t been any DermLux machines kicking around The British Virgin Islands, so I needed to find an equally effective alternative.

The first thing that caught my eye was the Neutrogena LED Pen. It is really reasonably priced and according to the reviews it is an effective way to get rid of a stubborn spot. The main reason I didn’t buy this was purely because I have multiple breakouts and I needed something that was going to target them all at the same time.

After a bit more scrolling through Amazon I found the Neutrogena Face Mask -complete with blue and red light. Now this is what I’m talking about! What I liked about the Neutrogena mask was the security of buying from a recognised brand. Moments before adding it to my basket I read that it only comes with thirty applications and once used you need to buy more activators. In hindsight this isn’t so terrible. Let’s face it, (no pun intended!) we all have good intentions when we buy things like this but the reality is thirty applications is probably plenty until you get bored of using it! And hey, if it works you won’t mind buying more activators.

After much deliberation I found what I was looking for. Since having the professional treatment, I had pretty good idea of what I thought a home LED mask should look like and was more than prepared to spend a bit of extra money if I thought it would give me a better result.

When buying anything for my skin; I try to think of it as an investment. And in this case I rationalised that if I continued to have this treatment in a professional environment, it could cost between £75-£200 each time.

I ended up buying the Norlanya LED Mask which cost $99.99 so even if I do only use it twice a week for a year, that means it will cost me less than $1 each time I use it.

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