After thirteen years of having acne; I have become pretty sceptical about ANYTHING being able to help me with my skin.

In February, the manager of EF MEDI SPA in Richmond invited me for one of their LED therapy facials. Kate had been following my Instagram stories of my constant struggle with my acne and wanted to help me on my journey to clear skin.

Having worked in the spa industry for all of my profession career, the world of cosmeceuticals was completely alien to me and I had no idea how light therapy worked.

Kate explained that I would see results with continued treatments and did well to manage my expectations of the first facial.

The result

The next day when I woke up, I was completely blown away from my results… I thought I wasn’t supposed to see a difference?! The texture of my skin was smooth. Me! Smooth skin?! I’ve never had smooth skin! (Well not for as long as I can remember!) The overwhelming redness, angry, inflamed skin was for once soothed, which actually made it appear clearer.

I got straight on the phone to Kate and asked her to rebook my second treatment.

In between facials I started using the new skincare brand that they recommended I try. I put my complete trust in them as I had never strayed far away from natural, aromatherapy based products before.

The technology

The facial I had at EF MEDI SPA consisted of three lights.

BLUE – to kill acne causing bacteria

RED – to reduce inflammation

WHITE – to stimulate collagen and strengthen the skin

Used together these light target not only the infection itself but also promote healthy cell  growth, reduction of pore size and stabilises oil production.

Does any blue light work?

Unfortunately standing under any blue lighting won’t clear your spots. These special LED lamps are designed with a specific wavelengths in order to be effective at targeting acne.

What about those little handheld home devices?

You’ve probably seen the television commercials of LED pens to target your spots. After having this facial I was definitely interested in buying one.

The pens I have seen are only BLUE light. But more importantly, you should know that the machines used by professionals at clinics like EF MEDI SPA use lights that cover a much larger surface area with more power due to their battery size.

The handheld devices are perfect for those blemished beauties that only get the odd pimple here and there, whereas the professional treatments are designed to target those with moderate to severe acne.

How long will it take to have a course of treatment?

If you have mild to moderate acne you could have up to two treatments per week for two months. But as always; it depends on the individual!

Who can’t have the treatment?

There are a couple of reasons why you may not be suitable for this treatment, so it is well worth having a consultation first before booking yourself in to your nearest clinic.

  • Epilepsy
  • Pregnancy
  • Medication: Retinol, Antibiotics, Roaccutane
  • Frequent/recent sun exposure

My biggest regret is not trying a treatment like this before taking antibiotics and other harsh medications to treat my skin.


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