No matter how hard you try to reassure someone with acne that their skin doesn’t look that bad; they will never hear you over the volume of the voice inside their head.

For some reason the side of my face which I would usually consider to be the good side; has broken out with three very big, angry spots. And now my inner voice has started telling me I need to cover up and hide from the world.

When you are trying to clear your skin from acne; you normally start with skincare and progress to topical and oral treatments. But something that needs to remain consistent is the work you put in to your mental wellbeing. Riding on the highs and lows of product results alone can be very damaging toward your self esteem and will weaken your resolve.

I have been struggling with acne for thirteen years and my mental health right now is the best it has ever been. But these new spots; test my strength and determination to keep trying – especially when I have been working so hard to avoid my food allergies. And this has pulled focus from my usual self empowerment and motivation. Instead I became overwhelmed and delusional. I started telling myself all the wrong things.

“Eat THIS and avoid THAT and your acne will clear.

So last week when three spots turned up, I felt like giving up! That is why throughout your journey you must practice ways to strengthen your mental wellbeing so that you are ready at all times for any unwelcome visitors.

A message to all new spots:

Bitch don’t kill my vibe!

So how do we escape the nagging voice inside our head?

Well, that my friend is harder than ridding yourself of the spots themselves! In fact if I could choose between good mental health and clear skin, I would choose mental health every time!


One thing you must remember is; your body hears everything your mind says- so never underestimate the power of your own voice. You’ve probably heard of mantras… a small phrase that you repeat. Whether it be for meditation purposes or to aid concentration; the result is the same. Uttering a few simple words before we go to sleep and as we wake up will boost our determination, strength and self belief.

Repeat after me:

“My skin is glowing today.”


Surround yourself with people who fan your flames to help you through the times when you feel like giving up. Avoid negative people who only amplify your inner most worries! You are always working on yourself, so don’t let anyone get in the way of that progress.


Sometimes we prefer to help other people rather than focusing on our own problems and that isn’t always a bad thing. Join an acne support group or spend time with people who have similar issues to you. Over time you will find yourself dishing out comforting, inspiring advice and realise that you are not alone.


I have always been one to over think everything so when it comes to my acne; I feel beyond paranoid. When I was a child I used to have to take my walkman (yes I said walkman…remember those?) to bed with me to help me fall asleep. Even then my mind was so active I couldn’t switch off. If you don’t want to hear your demons; drown them out with some feel good music and dance!


It really is true what they say about a problem being halved once shared. You may find comfort in talking to a friend or family member but for some, talking to a professional (and stranger) can allow total ‘thought freedom’ without judgment.

Remember acne scars can be found in more places than just on your skin.

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