I had acne for as long as I could remember- years, probably starting from the time I was 9 all the way up until I was 28.

I have tried EVERYTHING: creams, lotions, serums, masks, facials, IPL, infrared light therapy, antibiotics, prescription creams (all of them- retinoids, topical antibiotics, drying agents, you name it!), and finally- the last straw was a round of Accutane.

I couldn’t even list all the products I’ve used but I do remember ProActiv and prescription products such as Benzoyl wash (at the time it was still Rx)​.

My lowest point with acne came about a year after I finished Accutane- when my acne not only CAME BACK but it came back WITH A VENGEANCE. Almost as if it was teasing me like., “ha! After all the blood tests and doctors appointments and side effects you thought you could get rid of me! Well I’m back!”…. I was devastated.

I knew I was doing everything “right” and felt so helpless and frustrated. This impacted my mental and emotional health immensely. I became frustrated and depressed because I had to spend so much time putting on makeup in the morning. I had to take extra care for certain things- such as going to the gym, the beach, swimming, etc where (other) people don’t wear makeup, but I had to find a way to not be seen with my spots in natural light. I lost my self confidence.

MY breakthrough came when I was pursuing my Master’s degree in Nutrition when I came across a research study on acne and diet. I dove into the research and found that there was good evidence to support a low glycemic diet to improve acne. So I tried it. I also eliminated dairy based on other research I saw. That worked well, but I was still getting bumps.

When I became a Certified LEAP Therapist, I was my first client. I took the food sensitivity test and did the elimination protocol just as I would recommend for a client. I was truly shocked by the results- I was red (very reactive) to foods like bananas, kale, cow’s milk and green peppers- NONE of these were high glycemic index and I was already avoiding dairy. Imagine my shock!! How would I EVER have narrowed it down to these foods which are generally considered healthy for most people??

The results were amazing: within the first week it seemed like a miracle- my breakouts stopped almost immediately. The best part is that I noticed a CHANGE in the way I was breaking out. I didn’t have huge, red, inflamed bumps anymore. Instead I noticed small little bumps under the skin that were barely noticeable in the beginning.

As I kept going through the protocol, I started to see a decrease in those bumps as well. My ultimate *win* was the day I went to Origins to buy myself a fancy tinted moisturizer to replace my full-coverage foundation!

Meg’s Words Of Wisdom

The journey of acne can be debilitating, frustrating and humiliating in a way that only acne sufferers or acne survivors can understand.

Your skin doesn’t define who YOU are.

The same approach doesn’t work for everyone.

Look for treatments that are designed to be tailored to YOU and the root cause of your acne.

If you loved reading about Meg’s story and want to be treated as the individual you are; check out her website Meg The Dietician