An essential part to clearing your acne is finding skincare that works for you.

With so many skincare options to choose from, it isn’t easy knowing which way to invest your money. So many of us fall into the trap of buying the product that has the best television commercial or our favourite celebrity endorsing it. And once you’re done trialing a million different products only to realise you wasted your money, you’ll strip back your routine so much you end up deciding to use nothing at all.

Salons & Clinics

As a skincare professional, I would say that you could save yourself a lot of time, money and disappointment if you take the plunge and seek professional advice as soon as you can. You might think that this is another way for your acne to make other people money but I always feel much better about parting with my hard earned cash after I’ve received some free advice! 

The best thing about buying from a professional is that you both want the same thing. Results. They want to see you reach your desired goal because selling one product doesn’t make them much money. You being a happy client, telling all of your friends about how much they’ve helped you will bring them lots of money.  So your good results and happiness is what they will be striving for.

Don’t be afraid to walk into a few salons and ask lots of questions about their skincare. You don’t have to buy anything! Your gut will tell you which place is thinking of your best interests and not just a quick sale. If you have no idea what to look out for, establishments that offer free consultations or ask you lots of questions about your skin will have a lot more to offer.

The best way to buy new skincare is to have a facial first before committing to anything. That way the therapist has had a good look at your skin and knows exactly what you need. You can also talk in depth about routines and how your lifestyle can also impact the results of your skincare.

Buying Online

Buying cosmetics at drugstores, department stores or online is definitely the biggest way that companies make money off your acne. Their business depends on one off sales because their customer base is so much larger. The skincare stocked is usually mass-market brands sold at a lower price due to the volume they buy.

If you are buying online, there is no one to offer you advice or help with the transaction; which is why internet shopping is so much cheaper. But without professional help, we can either buy too much or too little or the wrong thing entirely; which inevitably leads to no results and more shopping! 

Buying online does have it’s place, as long as you have done your research and know you are buying from a reputable source as some brands have a lot of trouble with brand imitation.

Before buying anything, ask yourself…

What is your main concern?

You may have several things that you would like to change. But for now, concentrate on the one that zaps the most of your confidence.

What could have caused your concern?

There are many factors to consider when trying to pin point the cause of your problem skin. Lack of sleep, hormonal imbalance, diet, water intake, environment and sun exposure are a few to look at before changing your whole skincare routine. 

Does your current skincare target this problem?

How long have you been using your current skincare? Have you been using it morning and evening as directed or have you been applying it just when you remember? To get the results advertised you must use the product as recommended by the manufacturer. 

Have your current cosmetics expired?

All cosmetics have an expiry date or use before six, twelve or eighteen months after opening. Check the labels. If they smell bad, they have probably expired and it will be very unlikely you will get the promised result. 

Are you storing your skincare properly?

Most skincare needs to be stored away from direct sunlight to prolong the life of the product. In hotter climates you may want to store any natural skincare with less preservatives in the refrigerator. 

After answering those questions, you may have some ideas of how to adapt your current skincare routine to get the most out of your future skincare investments.

Give it a chance…

When I started using a new brand recently, I saw results within the same week but if you haven’t seen any improvement after four weeks of using a new product; it is either not working for you, or part of your regime is blocking it’s performance.

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