Guest Post From Kirsti, Founder of My Routine Edit

My Routine Edit is a skincare service helping clients navigate a new way to achieve healthy, happy skin! We have teamed up with Beautiful By Breakfast to offer all lucky readers a huge 50% discount on all bespoke skincare plans purchased by 28th February 2019 (details at the end of this post). Topping that, if you enter our instagram competition next month one lucky Beautiful by Breakfast reader will also receive a FREE Flawless Skincare Routine – keep your eyes peeled! 

So What Is My Routine Edit?

My Routine Edit is a skin advice and education platform. We’re not tied to specific brands, products, dermatologists or retailers and one of our goals is to bridge the disconnect between all the different streams of advice consumers are faced with. 

We curate, design & demonstrate an entirely independent skincare routine for our clients dependent on their skin concerns, budget, lifestyle and skin goals. All the products we recommend are chosen specifically for individual needs without bias. Our skincare experts will compile a complete step-by-step guide and bespoke video tutorial teaching you exactly how to use those products and why they are great for your skin. We get down to the nitty-gritty of ingredients and formulas so that even though we’ll be on hand to help, you will also feel empowered to select products for yourself in the years to come. 

What Makes Us Experts?

The skincare team at My Routine Edit are certified aestheticians who have spent years of hands-on experience working with various brands and clients across a plethora of skin concerns. They are supported by the Research & Data team who analyse consumer reviews, media, product data, ingredients and formulations to ensure My Routine Edit recommend the very best product for you. 

I’m Not Sure I Can Stick To A Routine…

Our routines are not a list of rigid instructions but rather step-by-step tutorials educating you on how to implement your skincare routine so that you can really listen to your skin’s indicators, be able to read an inci list, know which products will be best to purchase and know exactly how and when to apply them. 

We will always try to pinpoint the cause of any skin concerns without simply boxing you into a skin type and potentially just plastering over any problems. Each plan comes with ongoing expert support from your skin specialist anywhere from one to three months, which can also be extended if you wish. 

What Advice Would You Give To Someone Who Has Suffered From Acne Vulgaris For A Number Of Years?

Our first piece of advice is always to take a 360 degree view, be persistent and patient with skincare routines and with lifestyle changes. There are no blanket miracle cures or silver bullets and as is the starting point when you sign up to one of our plans, the key is to dig deep into your past and current routines, lifestyle, health and even diet to pin point the specific root causes of the acne unique to you.

Some immediate tips we will give any acne sufferer to help manage and limit breakouts are things like:

  • keep pillow cases and bedding clean
  • change face cloths daily and ensure towels are clean
  • wipe phone with anti-bacterial wipes at least once a day
  • avoid persistent touching of the face
  • clean make-up tools weekly
  • avoid long-stay make-up
  • avoid commonly occlusive ingredients
  • include regular use of an acne LED light therapy mask
  • try not to squeeze & pick
  • try not to panic, a calm consistent approach will win the day

Depending on the root cause, the stage of the acne, the client’s age and circumstances, we’ll often recommend a simple routine incorporating one or two of these ingredients:

Ingredient What is it? Example
Beta Hydroxy
Paula’s Choice
Skin Perfecting 2% BHA
(attracted to oil)
Alpha Hydroxy Acid
DermaClear Cleanser
Gluconolactone &
Lactobionic acid
Polyhydroxy Acid GOW
PHA Plus Serum
Vitamin A 
Retinol Neostrata
Skin Active Retinol &
NAG Complex
Retinoid Adapalene Differin Gel

What’s Next For My Routine Edit?

One of the reasons I started My Routine Edit was to empower and educate consumers to enable them to see through the marketing claims and latest fads. We love nothing more than helping someone reach their skin goals and we believe that skincare education should start in the early teens. This year, alongside refining our customer journey and reaching out to more people, we’ll also be introducing one-day skincare retreats with a 360 degree focus specifically aimed at teens & over-55’s. We’re also really excited about doing a live Q&A with BBB and her community and finally we’ve also just launched our Blogcast which is open to everyone to take what they need to helping them on their own skin journey. 

My Routine Edit – Beautiful By Breakfast Offer

To receive 50% discount on any Flawless Skincare Plan ordered before 28th February 2019, simply enter the code ‘BBB50’ at the checkout. 

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