There’s only one way this poem can start,

and that’s with an apology straight from the heart.

I’ve treated you badly and was too obsessed to see,

you weren’t misbehaving to try and spite me.

I can see now you had something to say,

“Your spots are a symptom” you tried to convey.

Everything I did; I did it for you,

How was I to know it was the wrong thing to do?

I was so lost, so desperate and withdrawn,

there were even days I wished I’d never been born.

It’s not your fault, I know that now,

I just couldn’t understand the why or the how.

I thought I’d tried everything to make it right,

and because nothing worked I lost the will to fight.

Now you bare the scars of my mistakes,

but I will make it right and do whatever it takes.

I promise to help others who have struggled like me,

and share my story for the world to see.

I will encourage them to seek answers from within,

and teach them; ‘How To Love Your Skin’.

What would you say to your skin?

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