When my acne was at its worst, foundation ranked highly in a list of items that I could not live without.

You could say that over the years I’ve established a very unhealthy relationship with makeup! Like other blemished beauties experience; there are times when I can’t leave the house or even answer the door without wearing foundation. And hiding away is preferable to watching the horror unfold on someone’s face when they see my acne for the first time! But there are some days where hiding away isn’t an option and I have to mentally prepare myself for that dreaded question:

“What’s happened to your face?”

Foundation has given me the freedom to escape those horrified expressions and spared me the ordeal of having to explain my appearance. Although makeup isn’t a permanent solution to the way I feel about my skin, it has allowed me to temporarily forget that I have acne and live ‘normally’. There are even times I need to hide acne from myself! Sometimes I find that concealing my breakouts prevents me from obsessing over my skin.

Over the last fourteen years I have used a lot of different types of foundation depending on the severity of my acne. In this blog I explain the difference between the foundations available and what skin type they are best suited to.

For build-able coverage

For those of you with rosacea, or sensitive skin types, using a mineral foundation will conceal your skin minimising the risk of further aggravation. What I love about this type of foundation is that it is build-able – so as you grow more confident in your skin, you can reduce how much you apply!

Depending on the brand, mineral makeups are free of the usual skin irritants, like mineral oil, colours and fragrances. My absolute favourite has to be YoungBlood – Natural Mineral Loose Foundation! This covers my blemishes perfectly without drying or clogging my pores which means I can conceal my breakouts GUILT FREE! If you are unsure how to decipher the ingredients of your preferred foundation, check out this amazing app – Think Dirty.

My top tip for applying mineral foundation is to use a soft brush with light dabbing and circular motions. If your brush is too coarse or you apply too much pressure you will remove previously applied layers and cause unwanted friction on the skin.

For full, long-lasting coverage

Foundations that boast durability and maximum coverage usually mean that they don’t allow your skin to breathe in the same way a mineral foundation will. While these foundations have concealed my breakouts flawlessly in the past, I now use them sparingly for special occasions.

In my experience these foundations have a thick consistency best suited for dry skin, so don’t worry if it takes a few attempts to create an even finish. For beginners I would recommend using a beauty blender to help reduce aggravating your skin during application.

The best thing about using a liquid foundation is their hygienic packaging, unlike mineral foundations that require you to dispense some of the product into the lid. With a liquid you can pump or pour these straight onto your hand minimising the risk of contamination and spreading acne bacteria.

For light coverage

If you are opting for a tinted moisturiser, you are well on your way to feeling confident in your own skin!

After fourteen years of concealing my breakouts with a full coverage foundation, I never believed that a tinted moisturiser would ever be enough to confidently cover my acne. But in recent weeks my skin has improved so much that a tinted moisturiser is the only security blanket I need.

As these are 2 in 1 products, it is worth investing the time to find one that suits your skin type. You can set this in the same way a foundation, using your normal finishing powder to prevent a shiny complexion.

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  1. So happy to finally find a blog that I can relate too!

    How would you compare these products to Bare Minerals?

    I’m 28 and I’ve been using Bare minerals for years now as it’s the only product I can use that doesn’t ‘overly’ irritate my skin. I would say my skin seems very similar to yours, and I do struggle to cover any acne breakouts well with Bare Minerals, the coverage is ok enough to continue buying, but I would definitely be open to trying alternatives if the coverage is better!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so pleased you have enjoyed Beautiful by Breakfast.
      I used to use Bare Minerals before using Young Blood.
      In my opinion the coverage was OK but Young Bloods coverage is far superior and I prefer their brands philosophy 🙂
      If you do make a switch, I would love to know how you get on. It certainly gave me confidence to pretend that I didn’t have acne for a while!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ah Fantastic, I will definitely give it a try! Looking forward to seeing the results already & I’ll let you know how I get on! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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