Whatever your goal, believing YOU CAN means you’re already halfway there! But it’s not easy to stay optimistic when you feel like you’ve tried everything, and nothing works.

The first few weeks of the LYS journal is a fresh start and the beginning of achieving the results you want. It’s time to put aside your doubts and your past failures to achieve clear skin. Let that shit go! OK, so doctors and dermatologists haven’t been able to help you. And you’ve tried an array of antibiotics and contraceptives. Isotretinion isn’t for you? Or perhaps your taking it now and need to measure your results.

Wherever you are on your skin journey, your goal isn’t to clear your skin. Your goal is to LOVE YOUR SKIN.

… maybe this is the one thing you HAVEN’T tried…

Remember why you started

If you have bought the LYS journal, it’s because you are tired of saying no to life on account of your breakouts. You are ready to let go of your acne anxiety and make the changes necessary to get results. Whenever you are feeling like giving up, remember:

The road to happiness is bumpy but your skin doesn’t have to be!

Measure your progress

Remember speed doesn’t matter. Forward is forward. As results are often gradual, it can be demotivating to think you are not making progress. Keep track of any subtle changes to your breakouts by referring back to previous entries and taking daily pictures of your skin for comparison. If you find yourself becoming anxious to see results, remind yourself that skin cells take approximately twenty-eight days to regenerate from the base to the surface layer.

Lastly, never measure yourself using someone else’s ruler!

How to use the LYS journal

The LYS journal is designed to inspire and guide you through the next three-hundred and sixty-five days. Use the beautifully illustrated writing and colouring pages to help free your mind of negative thoughts and enjoy some much needed digital downtime.

Understanding your breakouts takes strength and determination. While tackling acne from every angle is essential to achieve long-lasting results, it can make pinpointing the cause of breakouts more difficult. With the LYS journal you will write a declaration every four weeks to help you focus on one possible cause of acne at a time. This will keep you motivated each month to try something new and help you determine whether it actually works. If you experience good results at the end of the four weeks you can add it to your core routine.

Declaration examples:

  • Increasing water intake to encourage healthy cell function
  • Substituting sugar to minimise sugar spikes and inflammation
  • Using a clean face cloth every night and washing them at 60°C to kill bacteria
  • Getting 8hrs minimum of sleep every night to aid cell renewal
  • Eating probiotic rich foods to improve gut health
  • Substituting dairy to minimise sugar spikes and inflammation and possible hormonal imbalance
  • Minimising screen time, unfollowing accounts that make me feel unworthy
  • Morning affirmations to start the day positively
  • Making a conscious effort to socialise more with friends without acne holding me back
  • Talking openly about my skin to friends and strangers to help rebuild my confidence
  • Reducing the amount of makeup I wear and washing my makeup brushes after every use
  • Minimising the amount of time I spend squeezing my spots to prevent spreading infection
  • Including facial massage into my routine every night to promote cell renewal
  • Using a L.E.D light mask four times per week to kill acne bacteria

Once you’ve decided what to focus on for the next four weeks, you can then think of ways of how you are going to achieve it. For example, if you declare to keep hydrated, your plan to achieve this goal might look like this:

“I’m going to measure what I’m drinking by using a one litre vessel which I intend to consume and replenish every four hours. I will set a timer on my phone every four hours as a reminder. I’m going to carry my water with me everywhere and make sure it’s always within easy reach. I’m going to add lemon slices to my water and keep it chilled to make it more appealing. “

Identifying patterns

It won’t take long before the cause of your breakouts is written somewhere among the pages of your journal. If you need help identifying patterns and analyzing your results you could take your journal entries to your doctor or dermatologist for their expert opinion.

At the end of every four weeks, there is a space dedicated for you to review your progress.

Here’s some tips of what to look for:

  • Look back at pictures of your skin. What do you notice about the texture? Do you have any scarring or pigmentation? Do you have any new breakouts? If so, where are they located? What kind of acne is it? [blackhead, pustule, whitehead, cyst]
  • Look back at your cycle entries. How does your cycle affect your ‘skin mood’?At what stage of your cycle did you experience new breakouts? Is this the same every cycle or does it change?
  • Look back at your food entries. Is there a link between what you eat and your breakouts? Is there anything you eat more of than you realised? Are you eating a variety of food? How was your digestion during this period?
  • What cosmetics gave you the most noticeable results? What products gave no results or made your acne worse?
  • Did you notice a difference between the days you wore makeup and the days you didn’t?
  • Did you notice your skin improve on the days you had more ‘me time’? Does your skin improve when you are less stressed?
  • Look back at your sleep entries, do you notice your ‘skin mood’ is better the day after a good night’s sleep?

When to journal

The beauty of journaling is that it can be done anywhere. Whether you journal with a camomile tea before bed or during your evening commute, set aside five minutes each day for your daily entries. If you find it hard getting into a routine, plan to journal at a set time each day until it becomes second nature.

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