Beautiful by Breakfast is home to my thoughts and experiences during a thirteen year struggle with acne.

At the age of twenty-eight, determined to enter my thirties with clear skin; I dedicated my time to discover the cause of my breakouts. After endless scrolling through the internet, I became overwhelmed by the contradicting and misleading advice available. With a professional background in beauty, I was able to filter out the ‘noise’ and formulate a plan to heal my skin from within. Recognising how hard it had been to find authentic information, I created Beautiful by Breakfast to provide a space dedicated to genuine, unaffiliated advice.

Why Beautiful by Breakfast?

Every evening before I go to sleep, I take off my make-up and look at my red, inflamed face in the mirror and say silent prayer to the skin goddess. Please make me Beautiful by Breakfast.

Despite thirteen years of impeccable skincare I sill have acne. I am now researching different foods to help heal skin from within. I am going to be Beautiful by what I eat for Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

In all this time, I seldom feel confident enough to go without make-up in public.  So for now- each morning before anyone sees me, I apply my mask of make-up and become Beautiful by Breakfast time.