This part of my blog is dedicated to the Cysterhood. Each post is written by someone just like you who is suffering with their skin. If you would like to share your story, please email me through the contact page.



Living with acne can swallow you up whole. Everything you do is determined by how you feel about your skin. It dominates your thoughts, heightens anxiety and makes you completely paranoid that everyone must be looking at your skin! This makes it very difficult to enjoy life’s little pleasures and have the confidence to embrace your beautifully blemished self. This section of my blog is all about freeing yourself from the psychological side-effects of living with acne.


They say “glowing skin start from within” which is certainly true for me. I developed cystic acne around the same time as I began experiencing symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. A decade later; I finally realised the impact certain foods were having on my skin.


In spite of my experience working in the beauty industry; I still have acne. Like so many others, over the years I have found it hard to cut through the noise of false promises and find a regime that works for me.  In this section of my blog you will be able to find genuine, unaffiliated advice on how to heal, nourish and care for your skin.