Even though our skin is different from one another, we all seem to share a similar story when it comes to acne. My blog posts share a small part of my skin history and what I’ve learnt along the way. If you’ve had a different experience, please share it with us in the comments below. Your story could help someone else feel less alone.


For anyone considering antibiotics to treat their acne, don’t be put off by my experience. Apparently bowel related symptoms affect 5% of patients. You might have better results seeing a dermatologist rather than your general practitioner. It still bothers me that as a child I was prescribed antibiotics for over a year to treat a skin condition. If you speak to a dermatologist about antibiotics, make sure you ask for their advice on replacing the good bacteria in your gut.


When I was first started using Zineryt at fifteen, I had never had a skincare routine. As a skincare professional now, I remember how overwhelmed I used to feel choosing skincare products as a beginner. Everyone was saying different things. It was so confusing but I was too embarrassed to ask anyone for help. That girl is the reason I started Beautiful by Breakfast.


Whatever your goal, believing YOU CAN means you’re already halfway there! But it’s not easy to stay optimistic when you feel like you’ve tried everything, and nothing works. The first few weeks of the LYS journal is a fresh start and the beginning of achieving the results you want. It’s time to put aside yourContinue reading “HOW TO USE YOUR LYS JOURNAL”


When my acne was at its worst, foundation ranked highly in a list of items that I could not live without. You could say that over the years I’ve established a very unhealthy relationship with makeup! Like other blemished beauties experience; there are times when I can’t leave the house or even answer the doorContinue reading “FOUNDATIONS TO CONCEAL ACNE”


It is not uncommon for most of us to grow up with a ‘life plan’, anticipating where we will be professionally and personally by certain milestones. Most of my friends planned to be married by the time they reached twenty-five and others mentally scheduled the date when they would start a family. We all know that havingContinue reading “MY CLEAR SKIN GUIDE”


A real turning point in my journey to clear skin was when I first discovered the effectiveness of LED lights for acne. I was invited to try it by EF MEDI SPA in London and like most things, I was sceptical with no expectations to see results. The lamp that they used was called DermaLux and by allContinue reading “ACNE LIGHT THERAPY”


Applying makeup for the first time can be a daunting prospect, no matter what gender you are. These helpful tips will have you applying like a pro in no time!


Food intolerances are responsible for a lot of us experiencing breakouts and if you suffer with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) like me; you will probably find that the relationship between your skin and your gut health is very closely linked. A lot of the blemished beauties out there have heard that there are some foodsContinue reading “ACNE HEALING FOODS”

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