When people ask me for treatment advice for their acne, they never expect me to recommend mental health support.

For some, living with acne can result in more than just physical scars. A side-effect that is often overlooked is the devastating impact it can have on our mental wellbeing. That is why with every LYS journal sold, I will be donating £1 to mental health charity – Mind.

As a woman who has battled with acne for fourteen years, I know how mentally exhausting it can be. One of the hardest parts of my healing process was to accept and love my skin for the way it was.  Once I had rebuilt my confidence and unburdened myself from years of anxiety, I was able to focus my energy on discovering what caused my breakouts.

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Join the Mind – The Mental Health Charity community

“We’re Mind, the mental health charity. We believe no one should have to face a mental health problem alone. We’re here for you. Today. Now. Whether you’re stressed, depressed or in crisis. We’ll listen, give support and advice, and fight your corner.”

Mind – The Mental Health Charity Registered charity number 219830