If you are struggling with acne, click here to be directed to my acne support group: Love Your Skin- where you can share your story with hundreds of people just like you.

Here are a few comments from some of the lovely members:

         Coming across your group has filled me with so much confidence that I am not alone in my struggle with clearing my acne. Joanna has given so much of herself and her knowledge that I feel I’m becoming my own skin expert.

Kate Hunt

        Joanna made me realise blemishes are beautiful. I never saw myself without them and have been considered as beautiful by my entourage anyway, even though I’m looking for shiny HD skin. It was the first time I saw the words ‘beauty’ and ‘blemished’ put together. She reconciles the photoshopped world with our natural looks. Thank you Joanna!

Najet Addi

        I always say ‘my beauty is not defined by what is on my face’ and ‘who I am has nothing to do with how I look’. I have to remind myself daily that my worth as a person is not related to whatever is going on with my skin.

Brittany Gravitt

Since finding this group a couple of weeks ago I’ve been going makeup free and feeling so empowered. I’m so sad that I didn’t have this kind of support in high school when I caked my face in bad makeup.

Caitlin Coyle